Welcome to the Domino Alliance Parent Pages.

Here you will find information and advice to help you support your child with their learning.


We know that as parents and carers you want to be able to support your children with their mathematical development at home.  

Whether it is continuing to support the maths learning that has happened in the classroom, having new ideas to practise skills or some guidance on what methods are being taught and how.

This site will offer you a wealth of resources.


We at Domino are passionate about sharing the love of reading. This page is bursting with ideas to help you share a love of reading with your child.

For your youngest early reader, we have top tips on word reading and book talk. For your older readers we have exciting strategies to help them understand what they are reading. For your reluctant readers we have strategies to help them find the joy in reading and for your avid readers, there are some exciting ‘what to read next?’ tips.

Even if you are just after the best book to read to your child tonight, we’ve got it. Wherever your child is on their reading journey, there is something here to inspire them… and you.